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Our Mission

Here at your dating success is important to us. Our intent is to provide a hassle free, streamlined process for responsible adults to meet and mingle without worry.

This is solely a dating site, not an escort or prostitution site; there will be no solicitation of sexual activity of any kind, and no any lewd content is allowed.

We expect you to be respectful of yourself and the other participants.  Follow the rules and all will go well; both you and your date will benefit.  Violate these rules or any of the terms of and you will be banned. is meant for those who are genuinely interested in finding and meeting a potential love interest. Process Overview

The individual offering the date, also known as the "Dater", will auction off a two hour pre-scheduled block of time to be spent on a date in a social setting with the auction winner (the “Winner”) at a public place deemed suitable by the Dater. 

The auction winner must pay within 24 hours after the auction ends. The Dater will receive the payment after the PriceDate™ ends amicably.

Registering with  

Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to register with (Registration is free*): 

• Must be at least 18 years old. 

• Have a PayPal account in good standing. 

• Agree to handle all payments at via PayPal. 

• Accept Terms and Conditions of Use. 

Opening a PriceDateAuction 

Prior to, or while opening an auction for the first time, Dater shall create a profile with a free form self-description and up to five photos.

Providing any personal contact information in Dater’s profile is prohibited. will not be responsible for the result of any meeting or date arranged in violation of this rule. By giving away personal information and arranging a date outside of website the member runs the full risk of not getting paid for their time.

To initiate an auction Dater selects the time and date for a PriceDate™ which can be 5 to 12 days from the auction open date. The auction end time will be set automatically 48 hours prior to the selected date and time of the PriceDate™.

Dater sets the minimum bid and bid increments.

To open an auction there is a $0.79 listing fee*.

Dater can edit all auction details except the date and time, up until the first bid is placed. Once an opening bid is placed changes can no longer be made.

Dater cannot create multiple auctions scheduled for the same date and time (double booking) however; the Dater can open multiple auctions for different dates.

Ongoing (open) auctions can be cancelled even if there are standing bids. 

PriceDateAuction Decency Standards and Content prohibits the use of this site for promotion and or solicitation of sexual services of any kind, and therefore prohibits auctions with explicit and suggestive sexual content (verbal and/or visual).

To enforce this rule, randomly monitors ongoing auctions for any inappropriate activity.Members can report any suspicious or potentially inappropriate activity as well.

Any member posting inappropriate image(s) and/or language in a auction will be subject to penalties (see below); the auction in violation of the Auction Decency Standards and Content Policy will be cancelled.  

Bidding on a PriceDate™

Bidders may only bid on dates they plan to personally attend.  

The first (opening) bid shall be no less than the minimum bid selected by Dater for this auction. 

Once an opening bid has been placed all consecutive bids must be greater than the current minimum bid by the amount of bid increment selected by Dater. 

A bidder can simultaneously bid on multiple auctions.  

Bidders must be aware of any scheduling conflicts between his/her potential PriceDate™ times. If a bidder wins at more than one auction causing overlapping dates and times, the Winner will be required to pay the winning bid for each of those auctions, and will be entirely responsible in any disputes which may arise as a result. In such cases each Dater would receive the full payment minus the 6% auction fee. The Winner will be suspended for one month and must pay the auction fee of 6% of each winning bid to re-activate his/her account.

A bidder can withdraw their bid for any ongoing (open) auction.

Once the auction is closed the highest bid becomes binding and cannot be withdrawn.

Post Auction Procedure 

The Winner must submit payment for the winning bid within 24 hours after the auction closes.

The Winner who fails to submit payment within 24 hour after the auction end will be suspended for one month. The PriceDate™ will be cancelled and the winner will be required to submit payment of 6% of the winning bid in order to re-activate their account.

The Dater must provide the meeting details for the PriceDate™ within 24 hours after the auction is closed. These details should include, but may not be limited to, the name and exact address of the meeting place, how to be recognized, etc. This information shall be passed to the Winner via the website messaging facility.

The Dater must provide clear and specific information to insure a successful PriceDate™. The PriceDate™ meeting place must be publicly accessible and considered safe by the Dater.

The Dater who fails to provide the PriceDate™ meeting details to Winner within 24 hours after the auction end will receive two penalty points, and PriceDate™ will be cancelled. The Winner will be refunded 100% of the winning bid.

During/After PriceDate™ procedure  

Participants must not engage in any sexual activity during a PriceDate™. will hold the winning bid payment until 2 hours after the PriceDate™ scheduled end time. If within that time neither participant files a complaint, the PriceDate™ will be considered a success and the payment will be released to the Dater. The auction fee of 6% will be deducted from the winning bid payment.

If any Rules violation issues arise during a PriceDate™ (e.g. Dater did not show up for the PriceDate™, Dater did not spend full two hours with Winner, either party behaved inappropriately or aggressively, etc.), both participants have the option to file a complaint with (a link is provided on the PriceDate™ auction’s page). No complaints are accepted past 2 hours from the PriceDate™ scheduled end time. 

PriceDate™ Dispute resolution 

Any complains or problems in regard to participants’ personal safety should be addressed through the appropriate local law enforcement agencies. will only deal with disputes in regard to rules violations. will not attempt, nor is it within legal rights, to verify or judge the claims of either party. If either Winner or Dater files a complaint after a PriceDate™ the dispute will be resolved as follows:  

  1. Any rules violation occurring at a PriceDate™ will be considered a mutual fault of both participants.

  2. Winner will be issued a refund in the amount of 50% of the winning bid minus 3% auction fee. Winner will receive one penalty point.

  3. Dater will be paid 50% of the winning bid minus 3% auction fee. Dater will be suspended from using for the period of one month from the date of the disputed PriceDate™. 


Accumulation of three suspensions will result in member’s permanent ban from

Accumulation of three penalty points will result in a month long suspension from

Penalty Points

Dater who posts inappropriate image(s) and/or language in a auction page will receive a penalty point.

Dater who does not provide the PriceDate™ meeting details to Winner within 24 hours after the auction end receives two penalty points.

Winner who files a complaint about a Dater receives a penalty point.

Accumulation of three suspensions will result in member’s permanent ban from    

Accumulation of three penalty points will result in a month long suspension from

Bonus Points

Dater will receive a bonus point for every three successfully completed PriceDates™.

Winner will receive a bonus point for every five successfully completed PriceDates™.

Each bonus point cancels one current or future penalty point.  

* (Subject to change without notice).